Bradley Architects is a growing architectural design studio offering highly personalized design services to individuals building or modifying single-family residences, real estate developers, and businesses seeking creative design solutions for their built environment.

David Bradley founded Bradley Architects in 1999 with the goal of fostering a professional atmosphere that respects the value and experience the architect brings to the design process while thoughtfully addressing the needs of each clients. 

This philosophy permeates our portfolio and benefits everyone:

  • Clients receive a responsive, well-considered product that exceeds their expectations
  • Members of our firm enjoy an intellectually challenging, professionally rewarding design environment
  • Neighborhoods reap the rewards of buildings that will have a positive impact on their communities for years to come

We have three guiding principles:

WE SERVE OUR CLIENTS by encouraging a fully collaborative environment between owners, architects, and other design and building professionals built on mutual repsect for the talents each party brings to a project.

WE SUPPORT OUR EMPLOYEES by providing them with a creative studio-based atmosphere and opportunities that allow them to realize their full potential as design professionals and bring their expertise to each project with confidence and pride.

WE GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY through public speaking and volunteer activities, as well as through pro bono work.

We attempt to achieve these goals through:

  • CREATIVE DESIGN - seeking practical, but innovative design solutions that encompass both aesthetics and function while reconsidering the way people use and appreciate space.
  • TECHNICAL CRAFT - exploring the creative use of products and materials in our projects and striving to constantly expand our professional knowledge base and skill set.
  • TEAMWORK - collaborating respectfully with clients and professionals in the design and construction industry.

Bradley Architects currently employs five full-time staff, including two licensed architects.