Sheridan Residence

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

New dormered front elevation

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Evanston, Illinois

Project Statistics

Renovation of an existing single-family home in Evanston.

Existing Conditions

This existing single family home consisted of a one-story living level with a full basement.

Design Challenge

The owners wished to dormer our their attic and turn it into a master suite, but keep the roof profile understated and in keeping with the character of the existing home. The existing hip roof posed many challenges for fitting everything they wanted with the space and still having enough headroom to stand.

Design Solution

We designed every square inch of the attic space for maximum use. Two dormers were added to create the master bathroom and the bedroom. The existing centrally-located stair made all the difference in planning the layout, for it minimized the need for hallways. Mechanicals were located under the eaves and at the perimeter of the attic where headroom was not possible. Transoms in the stairwell and skylights in the bathroom bring plenty of light into the center of the space and make it feel open and spacious.