The Boundary

Before construction - just your average auto body shop

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1932 W. Division Street, Chicago

Project Statistics

This 5,000 s.f. building in the Ukranian Village neighborhood is being renovated into a higher-end neighborhood tavern and grill with an outdoor patio.

Existing Conditions

The existing building housed an auto body shop. The bowstring truss construction of the roof provides a floor plan clear of columns or obstructions of any kind - perfect for an open bar setting with wide views and high ceilings.

Design Challenge

There is no basement in this building, providing few options for storage of dry goods and alcohol required for a restaurant. Although the high ceilings and wide open plan was an advantage, creating an intimate atmosphere in such a large open space was also a challenge.

Design Solution

The service area of the bar is specifically designed around a series of walk-in coolers to stock liquor and goods. Nothing interrupts the overall horizontal view through the space, but it is organized into distinct zones that have a more intimate feel. Custom light fixtures throughout the space and dividers between the booths play off the bowstring trusses and contribute to making the space feel less like a warehouse and more like a comfortable venue. A central fireplace and lounge area provides customers a place to relax away from the entrance while they wait for their table, and at the rear is a shuffleboard table with stadium seating. The entire back of the house and public accommodations fit snugly in the rear of the building with management offices lofted overhead.

Check out this 3-D view of the space!

icon The Boundary - interior walk-through

Slated to open in August 2007!