Grand Crossing

Mixed use and green technology

Simple, clean, modern design

Meeting the needs of a growing community

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79th Street and Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

The neighborhood of Grand Crossing on Chicago’s South Side, is an area ripe for both residential and commercial development. Lying on the northern border of the rapidly growing Chatham neighborhood, Grand Crossing is served by the 79th Street Metra light rail station and bordered on the west by Cottage Grove.

Numerous properties and parcels along 79th Street are vacant or for sale, providing abundant opportunities for community-building and developments that can increase the number of businesses serving the neighborhood and simultaneously provide housing opportunities for residents of all income levels. A focus on incubator businesses and sustainable affordable housing development will be a major focus of this project. Gradually developing the balance between businesses and the residences that support them is also a goal of the Grand Crossing plan.

The vehicle for initiating this plan will be the development of prototype commercial and residential designs that ultimately will be portable and can be reproduced in other neighborhoods throughout the City of Chicago that demonstrate similar potential.

Our vision is a self-sustaining, vibrant community with a diverse middle-class urban aesthetic that can improve the quality of life of its residents, provide employment opportunities, and contribute to Chicago’s cultural scene.