Altgeld Residence

A new take on an old facade

The old entry turned into a porch

The atrium stair is a focal point around which the rest of the home is organized

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Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois

Project Statistics

Construction of a new 3-story single-family home with basement in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Existing Conditions

The original building was located on the west side of a wide lot with only two stories. The builder's request was to expand the footprint to the east and south and add a third floor to the building. In the process, the owner wanted to keep the original front facade intact, as well as the west wall of the building.

Design Challenge

We were presented with both zoning and structural challenges in the project. The new third story addition would encroach on the required lot setbacks, and the existing building structure needed to be sound enough to carry the load of that story.

Design Solution

The owner's desire to keep the front facade was driven by zoning considerations. In the end, the design is a replication of the original facade enlarged to the east to create a new side entry. The existing entry was turned into a private porch. A main atrium stair connects all the living levels, bringing a maximum of light to the entire home. High end finishes added the final touches to this beautiful addition to Lincoln Park.